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Discover India

Discover India

Frequency: Monthly

Monthly: ₹100

DI is India’s oldest, most-established travel magazine and has been offering expert advice to Indian’s possessing wanderlust since 1988. Discover India is the go-to guide for all aspects of tourism in India and is as at ease reclining in five-star luxury as it is lacing up its hiking boots and heading off the beaten track. Discover India is a visual feast, treating its readers to a rich vein of photo journalism captured each month by India’s most inspiring photographers.

Discover India seeks to take you places you’ve never seen or heard of before, be they lost in a sprawling city or perched high on a mountainside. Discover India tells stories that span a nation taking you on experiential journeys that no other travel magazine comes close to. Elsewhere DI serves you service journalism of the highest order reporting on the latest places, spaces and eateries to capture your imagination. Discover India is more of an adventure than a magazine and one that truly captures the people, places and vibrant colours of the nation.

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