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Maxim ties With Tom Cruise For Impossibly Cool MI:5 Night

Maxim India's Sales and Marketing squad put bums on seats once again as they teamed up with their big-screen buddies DT Star Cinemas for a pan-indian screening of spies 'n' thighs action blockbuster, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Such was the demand for tickets, that the screening had to be moved to the cinema's largest screening hall in the mall. The demand for popcorn and cola, which came gratis to every one of Maxim's guests, was so popular invitees were almost queueing out of sight.

The event was also covered by top TV channel NDTV: GoodTimes with two lucky guests receiving top-of-the-range hampers from sponsors, Godrej, in front of the cameras. The movie itself was a rip-roaring, rollercoaster of a ride with stunts that left guests cooing and screaming for more. Luckily, any whistles that might have needed whetting, as the credits rolled, were soon rewarded at the Underdoggz after party, where steaming hot snacks and ice cold beers were on offer to guests. Publishing Director for EMM Burda India, Simon Clays, said of the night, "The event was a huge success and if I'd not kept getting asked if I was Tom Cruise's younger, fitter brother, 'or how did I do that stunt?' it would have made for a first-rate Maxim night,". The event was the perfect mix for Maxim, taking component aspects of the brand and bringing them to life for 250+ Delhi-ites who really got to see, taste and drool over what Maxim in India is really all about!!




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