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Manager - Activation Sales

Date Posted Pro

Tuesday, 17 November 2015



Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION – Activation sales

The primary role of the Brand Activation Specialist is to assist the Business Development by planning marketing efforts, and creating content, engaging materials and experiences, that can be used to generate interest from potential clients and help retain existing clients. The Brand Activation Specialist also aids the Business Development efforts on developing a local and international Partner ecosystem for EMM’s product offerings. Additionally, the Brand Activation Specialist works EMM’s social networks presence, and help the Business Development efforts to develop the pipeline of new business coming in. This requires a thorough knowledge of the market, and of the company’s competitors. The main duties of the Brand Activation Specialist can be summarized as follows:


  • Be instrumental in tie-ups and sponsorships for the existing properties, and new events
  • Represent EMM Brand proposition externally and internally. Evangelize customers, partners and participate at events
  • Drive transformational brand solution sales through leveraging and developing relevant content and competition.
  • Develop, leverage and deploy regional and local Brand solutions to upscale sales teams to approach clients with multi-faceted media propositions
  • Ensure competitive perspectives and differentiated value propositions generated through market-relevant insights. Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop EMM’s unique selling propositions and differentiators
  • Run EMM’s presence on social networks
  • Identify opportunities for campaigns that will lead to an increase in revenue


  • Networking, Prospecting, Market Research, Motivation for Sales, Prospecting Skills, Marketing Planning, Identification of Customer Needs and Challenges, Market Knowledge, Meeting Goals, Professionalism, Good Skills with Adobe Photoshop, Video Editing Software and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).
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